Monday, April 11, 2011

Ironman Family!!

We've sped things up a bit in our family for our Ironman aspirations, because, if you can believe it, Jeremy won an entry into Ironman Canada. I mean seriously, what are the chances!! The race sells out so fast and you pretty much have to volunteer and sign up in person to guarantee yourself a spot (that was my plan for this year!!). The contest was put on by Sugoi, and it was a natural fit because we love their gear so now, not only will he be doing an ironman, he'll be all geared up in Sugoi's awesome clothes!!

So, we are now going to be an ironman family. Life is going to be centred around Jeremy's training for the next 138 days until the race in August. It's exciting, but it will be a big change. Jeremy will have to put in hours every week to make sure his body is ready for the brutal reality of an ironman (swimming 4km, then hopping on a bike to go 180km, then running 42km). Given that his longest ride up until this point has been 25km, it's a daunting task. Luckily, he's starting with a pretty good base. We've been training for the Calgary Police Half Marathon, so actually, on the day the winner was to be announced, he'd done a 20km run. And, he's been swimming on average, about 2 days a week. So really, it's just a matter of stepping things up. His challenge, of course, will be balancing training with raising the boys and keeping our house in some sense of order. But, if we all work at it together, we are going to rock it!!

So, this year will be full of new adventures, most of them fitness related, but lots of fun and a chance to bring our family into an entirely new domain. So very excited for what lies ahead!!

If you want to read his adventures of training, check out his blog...

Congratulations Jeremy, we are super proud and excited for you!! And here's a photo of the guy post 23km bike ride (and don't forget the 2km swim he did in the morning!!)