Monday, July 22, 2013

Allergies in my little one

My little guy has allergies. Exactly what he is allergic to, we aren't 100% sure yet. Last summer we were convinced it was cats... or the heat. We went to the doctor. We were refered to an allergist. Fast forward to this summer. He still has allergies to something. Still not sure what. Now we are thinking more than one thing... maybe cats... or the heat... or pollens of some variety... or food of some sort... possibly nuts... or wheat... or sugar... we really don't know.

The poor kid gets super puffy eyes and a runny nose. On occasion has had a cough to go along with it. Now we are waiting for our appointment with the allergist, but that is another two months away yet. So we might do another test in the meantime for allergies. Through a naturopath. Have to find something that helps him!! In the meantime, he now has eyedrops, they have been helping. I just want to know what it is that his body doesn't seem to agree with. Allergies is new territory for us. Haven't had to deal with it before. Just hoping for some sort of answer!! For his sake!!