Monday, September 28, 2009

The best weekend...

Our family had an amazing weekend. On Friday my parents came over for dinner, along with my brother. It was nice. And then, Saturday morning, we drove out to Banff because I had a 10km race. And I ran my race in under an hour. That's the first time I was ever under an hour. We went out to Banff with Cindy and her family and it was just a great weekend. Spaghetti dinner, stinky cave, hot tub, hiking, picnic lunch and even made it home in time to get the dog!!

Here's a few pictures from the weekend...

Monday, September 21, 2009

They're brothers...

So, now that Sullivan is crawling around all the time, I knew it was only a matter of time until he discovered the dog's water dish, and I knew he'd love it. And he did. So, rather than just pull him away right away, I went and grabbed the camera. And took a few pictures. Sebastian thought it was sooooo cool that I was taking pictures of Sullivan playing in the water, so he wanted to play too and show Sullivan just how much fun it could be. Needless to say, they had a blast, and I was reminded of when Sebastian was just little and playing with the dog's water for the first time. So here's some pictures of then, and now...

Sebastian aged 13 months (well, almost anyhow)

Sullivan aged 8 months (and a bit)

My favourite shot of Sebastian with the water

And Sullivan having fun with the water

Big brother showing little brother what to do (not that he needed help, but so sweet of him)

And Sebastian beyond thrilled that he was actually allowed to play in puppy's water, if only for a few minutes!!

So, now begins the game of cat and mouse trying to keep Sullivan out of the dog's water and him slowly learning the word "no". Why is it that has to be one of the first words kids understand?? Oh well, it was cute and it showed me just how similar they are (if not in size, then at least in areas of interest!!)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My baby is eight months old... two days ago!!

I can't believe how fast the time is going. Sullivan is already eight months old. He is so curious about everything and crawls in his army style crawl all over the place. He loves watching Sebastian do pretty much anything and will often try and be close to him (not always appreciated by his brother of course!!). He is making a few different noises now and is interesting to listen to that way. And he's a large child. He's wearing 18 month old clothes even though he's just 8 months. And he eats, and wow, does he eat. He'll polish off a whole bowl of baby cereal or a jar of baby food without a second thought. It's incredible really. And he will feed himself too. He does excellent with the baby mum mum cookies and even the puffs. If it can go in his mouth, he's willing to put it there. This is so completely the opposite of Sebastian who continues to struggle some days with eating. I'm amazed at how different they are. Sullivan is a happy guy and seldom does anything upset him. It's fantastic!! And his smile. He just has a great smile and a fantastic laugh too!!

The first day of preschool...

So yesterday, Sebastian started preschool. He was great. As I was dropping him off, his lip quivered and he asked if he could have another kiss and hug, and I gave him both, then he was inside and having fun. It was a short day of only 45 minutes, just to give him a taste of what it was like. And, only half the class was there so things weren't too intimidating. He did great though, and later, when I was picking him up, he had his backpack on again and was so excited to see me and tell me that they sang songs and that his teacher was MsSusan. He even said goodbye to her. I thought that was so sweet!! I think he's going to really enjoy preschool and I look forward to hearing him tell me about his days!!