Monday, May 19, 2008

The simple cardboard...

I learn a lot from Sebastian. He is a daily reminder to have fun and enjoy the little things. Like cardboard, for example. We recently bought some patio furniture, and wouldn't you know it, the coolest thing about it, was the box the chairs came in. It's now a fort. It has windows and doors, and a secret swinging door set. It's great. He loves it. You can knock on the window and he'll open it up. It's such a simple thing, yet to him, it's the world. 

I think lots of times that people really get wrapped up in details and things that are beyond their control, when really, if we stuck to the simple things, life would be easier. So I'm going to work on that this week. Just enjoying all the simple things. 

Like pretty pink flowers that have bloomed in our flower bed. Chasing Sebastian around the yard, at least 20 times. Playing in the fort with him (it really is a big box, and even I can fit inside). Going for a bike ride (we did this yesterday, for the first time in 3 years, and it felt so good, not sure why I missed out on that for three years now!!). Playing fetch with the dog. Seriously, you throw, he brings it back, and the cycle keeps on repeating. Every throw, he's just as excited as the first one, and if he gets tired, he takes a break, and five minutes later, he's ready to go again. So simple. 

So the next time you over complicate something or stress over something you cannot change, stop and think about the simple things in life. Then, go build yourself a cardboard fort. You'll feel so much better!!

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