Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life lately...

I have to say, I think the iPhone has been nothing but cruel to my blog. Because of the iPhone, I'm hardly ever on the computer anymore, and don't seem to update this blog with any kind of regularity. That totally sucks because it's such a great way to keep track of life and what's been happening with my boys!!

So, what has been happening? Well, Sebastian finally made it out of SeaTurtle after three tries in his swimming lessons, and only because we asked the teacher and he showed her he could put his face in the water. We decided to capitalize on that and signed him up for Salamander. And, the progress he made was incredible and, drumroll, he passed Salamander on the first try!! So, we again worked with momentum and signed him up for Sunfish. However, I doubt he'll be getting out of it on the first try. But, we helped him get past a major roadblock to his swimming. Just this week, we got him jumping in the water by himself. It's funny though, he pretends he's a chef making me food and then jumps in. He was so afraid to jump without holding someone's hand. The first time, I pushed him. It might not have been the nicest thing, but he was practically jumping, so really, I just helped him along. It helped. He asked me to push him again the next time. And then the third time, he jumped in by himself. I was so proud. And after that, he jumped into deep water. It's great!! So next up, we have to get him swimming. He needs to be able to swim 5m on his own. He's still too afraid to do that. But now that he's jumping, I think the swimming will not be far behind. But I think we'll take a break now and perhaps try swimming again in the fall or winter.

He finished his second round of preschool treatment in June. It was awesome. It was so much better than the first group. The therapists were incredible. I thought the first group was okay, but after the very disheartening finish to the group, and then seeing this group, I realize this group was amazing. They just seemed so much more cohesive and were very much more positive about Sebastian. The physiotherapist especially was fantastic. They offered so many ideas and spoke so nicely about Sebastian and his situation. They are even hoping to have him back in the fall, although at the moment the limit is two sessions, so we'll see if that happens. Anyhow, this time Sebastian got to try riding a bike, and loved it, so we went out and got him a bike. He's so proud of his shiny blue bike. He's had a few falls, but he's learning. And he loves it. He asks almost every day to go riding. For him, this is huge!! We signed him up for a bike camp in August and we'll keep working with him until then to get him more confident on his bike. Jeremy figured out today that part of his problem is bike fit. We need to adjust his handlebars so that he can balance better. Then when he turns, his whole body won't turn at the same time knocking him over...

As for Sullivan. He's a riot. I just love that little guy. He's starting to say a few words, and do a few signs. His first word was "quack" in answer to "what does a duck say?". He also says "mom" and "dad", and if you ask him where Cronos is, or Sebastian, he'll point them out. As for signs, he's got "hungry", "eat", "food", "all done". hmmmm... the kid likes to eat I think. Actually, I know he does. He's an incredible eater. You can put pretty much anything in front of him, and he'll gobble it up. Except he wasn't too crazy about strawberries, but then at his Grandma's last week, he ate two of them. He's playing with all sorts of toys and does great building towers with blocks, playing with trains and putting track together, and loves playing with animals etc. He also loves books and is constantly bringing books to us to read to him. Like all the time. He also loves being outside, and is obsessed with the little water table. He has cups and manages to absolutely soak himself, having a complete blast in the process. And he idolizes his big brother. And will want to do anything that he does. The best example of that was at the pool. Watching his brother jump in, over and over, then, when I took him to the toddler pool, he stood on the edge and jumped in, over and over. And then he practiced his front floats, just like Sebastian does. It was soooo cute!!

So life is busy, and fun. The boys keep it that way. I love it. And I love them. It's been a fun summer so far, and I look forward to more hiking and biking and swimming and everything!!

He finished his second round of preschool treatment and it went so much better than the first time.

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