Friday, June 10, 2011

A Family Triathlon!!

Clearly, I have neglected this blog to nearly the point of no return. However, I have good intentions and therefore I will try my best to commit to having more regular posts of an interesting nature. Will I succeed? Time will tell I suppose, but for now, if I get at least one post a week I'll be happy.

So, what has been going on lately? Well, Jeremy is busy training. Training, training, training. And a little bit of work thrown in, just for good measure. He is currently loving the training and the working. Our family has definitely become a busy household though and some weeks it feels like we go nonstop. However, there are some nice times and I wouldn't trade it for anything!!

Take today for example. This morning, Sebastian had preschool, Jeremy went for a run, Sully hung out with me, while I wrote my anatomy quiz. Then, we all went swimming as a family and that was fun. Jeremy snuck in a 500m quick swim, and then Sebastian and I did a 50m swim. Sebastian is excited to do a triathlon this year, but needs some practice at swimming and biking before that is going to happen!! He did good, and this should give him some confidence as he gets ready to try out triathlon. Of course his first race is going to be a team effort in Canmore at the Canmore Try a Tri on Father's Day. He is very excited for that and we are now officially registered as a team. Jeremy will be our swimmer, I'll be the biker and Sebastian will be our runner. Sullivan will be there to cheer us all on since he is a bit little still for this type of thing... but he'll get his day, just give him another year or two!!

This afternoon I think we'll go biking. Sully on his run bike and Sebastian on his big boy bike. They have been wanting to bike forever and we just keep having excuses. Well, today will be the day, although the beautiful sun has just been covered by some ominous dark clouds...

And fire trucks. Our world revolves around fire trucks. But more on that another day...

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