Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Ironman in training...

So, of course Jeremy's plans for Ironman Canada this year are certainly making life busy in our family. A lot of my plans have been changed or adjusted to allow for Jeremy to get in the big long training rides, runs and swims. I'm so excited for him and what he has accomplished. He is setting such an amazing example for his kids and it's so cute to hear Sebastian talk about "the ironman".

This past weekend, Jeremy went to Penticton with the group he took his total immersion swimming from. He has learned a lot from Grant over the past year or so and the philosophy of this company has been the guiding principal that Jeremy has been following for most of his ironman training. So this past weekend, Vitalize hosted a camp in Penticton for people training for ironman. They got to swim in the lake, bike the course (and all the hills it entails), and run as well. It was a real breakthrough moment for Jeremy. It was sort of the defining weekend on whether or not he was going to be ready for ironman, and happily, he had an amazing time and is now excited (but still nervous), for Ironman Canada. He is still struggling with the open water swimming. It's a very new beast for him and it's been challenging to say the least!! He is still getting used to the cold, and the waves and the choppiness of the water and the motion it provides. And he's still learning about siting and all that good stuff. And let's not forget the part where you have to overcome your fears of drowning and being in the middle of the lake where the Ogopogo might be waiting to snack on you!! Well, at least the swim is first, and at least there is still time to work on all that stuff!!And time to get an open water race in ahead of time!! Because, unlike the calm order of a pool triathlon, an open water swim is sort of like mass chaos with flailing arms and legs everywhere!! I know I have seen a funny little training video on that, and if I find the link again, I'll post it!!

So next up for us, will be the Kids of Steel triathlon in Lake Chaparral. Sebastian will make his open water triathlon debut, and then the next day, Jeremy will make his open water triathlon debut (hmmmmm... rather amazing that my 5 year old will already have done an open water tri before my aspiring ironman!!).

And soon Jeremy will began tapering... because, in less than 30 days now, we will be in Penticton for his race!! Where did the time go???

And the coolest part? Sugoi is where Jeremy won his entry, and they've been awesome!! And next up, Jeremy's race kit will arrive... and he'll be sporting some pretty fantastic gear!! How lucky!! Now if only they want to sponsor me next year... I mean, I love their gear too!! Especially my new cycling jersey from the Epic Ride!!

I love that our family is becoming so active. I just hope it continues through next year... and it should... I just need to get signed up to volunteer at this year's ironman so I can sign up for next year...

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