Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3 Valley Gap

So, on the way home from Penticton, we had a day to spare. We left Penticton after getting me signed up for Ironman 2012. We knew it was a long drive, and so we headed off. We stopped in Kelowna for a Starbucks (being married to a Barista has its' advantages!!), and after this, all three boys were asleep. At some point, Sully's cup fell upside down onto his lap and it slowly leaked all over his shorts and his carseat. They were soaked. And, Sebastian had to pee. We were planning to stop in Revelstoke but turns out it was going to have to be sooner. I knew 3 Valley Gap was coming up, and that was it. We pulled in, Jeremy grumpy, Sullivan grumpy, Sebastian grumpy (sensing a theme here??), and so I took Sebastian to the bathroom, while Jeremy changed Sully. Then, we had to deal with the carseat, so I took both boys in to play at the train table while Jeremy figured things out at the car. I was tired and really didn't want to go any further. Jeremy eventually finds us, and I suggest that maybe, just maybe we spend the night? He reluctantly agrees and we check in.
It was fantastic. It was awesome. I mean seriously, I have two little boys, they love trains, and there is a roundhouse full of trains. See where I'm going with this? We checked into our room, and headed off for the roundhouse. It was great!! Truly. My boys were ringing bells, and getting on and off train cars, engines, buses, really, they were in absolute heaven. Then we went for dinner. As Jeremy point, this is a place my mom and brother would love. All those comfort foods you'd expect: fish and chips, beef dip, veal cutlets, steak sandwich, poutine, really, not the healthiest maybe, but certainly tasty!! Sebastian is eating and says, "I just love eating dead fish". I couldn't help but laugh!!
After dinner, Jeremy went to relax, and I took the boys down to the lake. We checked out the water, checked out the helicopter, watched the boat leave, and then played on the playground. They had so much fun. It was such a great little stop and I am so glad we did!!
Now, going to sleep was not quite so pleasant... Sully, our normally amazing little sleeper, was terrible!! Fortunately he eventually went to sleep, but yikes that took a while!! The next morning, we had breakfast and went back to the roundhouse and ghost town. It was great. We explored the mine shaft, the antique cars, the covered bridge, and once again, were back in the roundhouse checking out the various train cars and engines, including a small train that was built by the family that owns and runs 3 Valley Gap, the Ghost Town and Roundhouse.
I'm sure there are many people out there who have pondered a visit, but always thought, oh, maybe next time. Well, we loved the place. Truly. The staff at the resort were so friendly and nice. The food was excellent. The grounds are beautifully maintained and so pretty with all types of flowers along the various walking paths and bridges. The scenery is stunning, with a lake, beautiful mountain back drop, train tracks and tunnel nearby and let's just say, the echo in the valley when the train blew it's whistle was amazing!! There are tons of things to do as well, with only one night, we concentrated just on the Ghost Town and Roundhouse, and truly, we just scratched the surface of those, since, for the most part, it was about letting the boys explore. The family has acquired many different buildings, cars, and traincars over the years, making it a truly historic museum. They have captured life in the area in the early years when the railway was just being built, and routes still being found. There is even a ghost car, all decorated in a Halloween type theme. Aside from there however, there are boats to rent, or boat rides to take, and helicopter rides as well. As well, there is an indoor pool with a gorgeous ship painting along the wall. We never got a chance to try the pool, only because we didn't have a lot of time. Oh, and there are a few special rooms as well, one with a 360 view, another made of rock. Truly, this is a magical place.
Will we stay there again? Definitely!! And next time, we'll probably stay at least two nights. It's relaxing, it's beautiful and it's fun. Sebastian has already asked us several times when we are going back... next year, little buddy, next year!!

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