Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The new glasses...

Well, my little guy has his glasses now. It is a challenge sometimes to keep them on his face, but we're working on it. It's only been a few days so far!! 

It was nice to have a weekend off with not much to do. As a result, we got a few things done around the house, like clean out our freezer, and fridge (it's amazing how much food goes to the freezer to never be seen again!!). Oh well, we'll start over and see how long it takes to accumulate stuff again!! Or maybe this time we'll actually be on top of things. 

On Sunday we had company for dinner and that was great. We had great company and got in some great visiting. The kids played well together, and Sebastian actually even interacted with them for a bit (huge for him, since he's usually in his own little world). 

On Monday, I wasn't feeling very good, so Jeremy stayed home and took Sebastian for his surgery consult. It went well. Sebastian will need surgery, but it's a quick 20 minute operation that is only day surgery. Now that he is bigger, his risks of the surgery are no different than anyone else, so that was good to hear. It definitely has to be done, but unless anything changes, it isn't super urgent, so likely sometime before Christmas. We'll know more when they call with the date. We already have all the literature about it and Jeremy filled out all the forms at the hospital. 

I have a new book that I borrowed from the library (thanks Jeremy for picking that up). It's called, My Sister's Keeper. It's about a girl who was conceived so she could be a perfect stem cell match for her sick sister. As she gets older, she decides she doesn't want to just be her sister's keeper anymore, and that she wants to make her own decisions about her body. I think it will be really interesting, and so far I'm quite enjoying it. 

Oh, and yesterday at the ultrasound, the baby was weighing about 800 grams (very close to Sebastian's birthweight of 830grams). Baby is looking healthy and doing well. That was really good to hear. Except, how embarrassing is this...I was not feeling well, and ended up throwing up halfway through the exam. It was awful (but wow, I felt better after that!!). Not sure what was up with me, maybe a flu, or maybe food poisoning. Either way, it was not the funnest day on record!!

Today however, I'm feeling better, and actually ate food again. Plus, today I get to hang out with Sebastian. I think we'll go play at the bouncy castle, maybe stop by the library, have some lunch, read some stories, play with the piano, and then of course, swimming lessons!! So, I have full confidence, that the two of us hanging out will have a good time!! 


Cindy said...

That would have been embarrasing! I am glad you are feeling better!

Katrina said...

Trying to catch up here, been so busy. Sebastian is such a cutie in his new glasses! :)

Glad to hear that the surgery is short and things are well enough to put it off a while. Hope it goes well.

Also happy to hear that your new little one is growing nicely. Hopefully it will stay put for quite some time yet! :)