Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Disney Cruise... loving the verandah...

So I keep meaning to add more details about the cruise we were on, aboard the Disney Wonder and I keep not getting around to it. So, here's my next little post. We love the cruise. We absolutely love nearly everything about it. It's fun being at sea. It's fun feeling important. It's fun walking down the hall and someone says hi to you just because. It's also fun having a verandah. We have done this cruise four times now. And three out of four times we have had a verandah. One time, we had an outside room with porthole windows. It was not nearly as fun. And we will probably only ever do a cruise with a verandah if we have any say in the matter!! Having a verandah is nice. You can open your door and just listen to the ocean. Plus, this time, while we were waiting to sail, we saw a sea turtle. Too cool!! And the kids love it. Sullivan climbed in and out the door hundreds of times. It was great. And Jeremy got to chat with Ed until the wee hours of the morning on the verandah while everyone else in our family's were sleeping. And with little kids, you can still be in your room while they nap, but sit out on the verandah enjoying the heat and sounds of the ocean.

Dad and Sebastian with the Carnival ship in the background.

And, as we were booking for a future cruise, we asked for the cheapest category that still included a verandah. The crew member we were dealing with us suggested the second cheapest, because then we'd still have plexiglass that the kids can see through. I never would have thought of this, but our little guys can see much better with the plexiglass than if it was a solid verandah. Thanks for paying attention to the details for us, so we don't have to!! As you can see from the pictures, Sullivan absolutely loved standing outside checking out the views (in this case Nassau, Bahamas).

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