Monday, January 9, 2012

My dear Sullivan,

Wow, today you turn three years old. I can’t believe that you have already been with us for three years!! You are such an incredible little boy and I am so lucky to be your mom. Every day, I am truly grateful to have you and love you so very much. The last year has been an incredible one for you my little buddy!!

You accomplished a lot this year. Your biggest skill is your attempts at communication. You have taken your time to talk, but boy oh boy do you work hard to express your thoughts. We are working hard with you on sounds and letters, in an effort to understand the things you tell us. 
Your favourite thing to say is “apple pie” and also “timmy’s”.

You spent the summer on your run bike and towards the end of the summer were getting much braver than I am ready for!! You realized downhills are fun and get a lot more glide now and you aren’t really afraid to go fast (yikes!!). You love going to the playground, but have a love/hate relationship with slides. Some days you are brave but other days, you just aren’t so sure!!

I am pretty sure you are part fish. You breezed through Duck, and Sea Turtle and this week you start Sea Otter. This will be the first time you have lessons without mom or dad. It will be interesting to see how you listen. However, you love the water, and the songs from lessons, so I think you will be just fine. 

You love playing trains, watching trains etc. And this year, you got an extra special train and firetruck that your grandpa made for you, and the moment that gift was opened, it was something you instantly wanted to play with.

You love helping in the kitchen. Anytime I go to bake anything, you are grabbing a chair and pushing it into the kitchen so you can help. You will grab all sorts of ingredients like baking soda, baking powder and any spice I ask you to. You love measuring, mixing, pouring, stirring, whisking etc. It is incredible to see the passion you have in the kitchen. It’s a lot like your dad actually (who is amazing in the kitchen and loves to cook!!). We have made pumpkin bread, cookies, cakes and all sorts of other baked goods. You are still a bit afraid of the stove, so you aren’t as keen to help with that sort of cooking. So, you can only imagine your excitement when you got the play kitchen from Grandma!! It was pretty cute watching you and your brother go to town with that kitchen.

Sully, it has truly been an honour to get to know you. You are an amazing little guy and really, I am thankful every day to have you in my life. You make me smile. You make me laugh. I love the way you drop everything and come running when I shout, “extra kiss and hug” before I go to work. I love you my little prince. Keep on being curious and excited about life.

Love, Mom

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