Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My swimming superstars!!

Ever since I became a mom, I knew that swimming was a skill I felt very important that my children have. I wanted them to be comfortable in the water and able to fend for themselves. Well, it's still a work in progress, but both boys, most certainly love the water and any opportunity they get to go swimming is scooped up faster than you can imagine. Lessons however, have been another matter.

Let's start with the youngest. Sully is definitely part fish. He has to be. He loves water so much, and isn't afraid to try anything. He jumps in, he goes under the water, he does his floats, he even loves the songs (Tiny Turtle Tim being his favourite of course). He also loves just playing in the water. He breezed through starfish, bored even as it was all babies and he wasn't even so interested in listening, but he has grown up since then... he also breezed through duck. And I know you probably can't fail those, but really, he did well. Next up was Sea Turtle, and times have changed and Sea Turtle is now a  parented class (used to be a sort of half parents, half not). Well, today was the last day, and once again, he just flew through the whole class. Every week, doing better than the last, including today, where he whizzed through it all, including the slide that half the kids freaked out over. And, the lazy river. So now, he is an aspiring Sea Otter (a new level added, so perhaps this will be the telling level on just how fishlike he is).

Sebastian, on the other hand, lessons haven't been his strongest suit. To start with, he has absolutely zero body fat, so the first round of Starfish, he shivered and was purple the whole class. We took Starfish a second time just cause he was too young for duck (and you know, he was the first born, so you are totally on top of everything haha). He did fine in the classes, and moved on to duck, again, all was fine. Then, enter Sea Turtle, he tried, but no success, so he tried again, still no... he wouldn't put his head in the water. Finally the third class, he figured that out, and we had success. Keep in mind, this is the class where you have to start in the class with your child, and gradually as the weeks go on, parents no longer have to be in the water. Salamander came along, and he was in and out of that class on the first try!! And then came Sunfish. It's a demanding class, where they want a lot out of the kids. So, he tried, and tried, and tried, and finally after three rounds at one facility, where the last round had at least 4 different teachers (can you say new teacher every week???), we decided to try a new facility. Enter Vecova. The pool is actually warm!! So, this time, we tried Sunfish, little Sebastian was not shivering the whole class the way he was at Cardel. And, the same teacher was there every week!! Well, he was still not successful, but really improved and his confidence in the water was much greater. We registered him again at Vecova, and this time, at the halfway point, it was still not looking positive (they send home a little note about the likelihood of passing, and his said likely not). We practiced with him at least once or twice a week outside of classes, and he worked so hard to do everything that was asked of him. Keep in mind he does have DCD and as a result, multiple step, multi limb activities can be tough for him to master. But, with a lot of hard work, he got through Sunfish. Jeremy sent me a text and I literally had tears in my eyes. He earned that one. It was a lot of effort on his part and it really was a huge accomplishment. So now, he can go into crocodile. I'm so glad he got through Sunfish, if no other reason, than it shows him, that hard work really does get results. Plus, he'll age out of the preschool lessons soon, so it really was his last chance to get through Sunfish!!

So great job my little ones, you did amazing!! Best of luck in your next lessons!!

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