Monday, December 22, 2008


I am loving this time of year, really, I am. I just can't believe how tired I am, all of the time. I stopped working at the end of November, because the shifts were killing me. Who knew though, that since I stopped, I would basically be with a cold/sore throat/etc from that entire time onwards, give or take a day or two that seemed to be okay. So, add in the pregnant factor, and the lack of sleep at night, and the swelling, and it seems that I barely get anything accomplished in a day. I mean, a busy day is a day where I have an appointment. It's crazy. I won't plan any more than one thing in a day because it's just too exhausting. I know this is just good practice for the pure exhaustion of the baby being home and all, but yikes. I would give anything to sleep more than 3 hours in a row without stopping. And, I would give even more if that sleep were not affected by being so stuffy in the sinuses. Some nights I wake up because I've practically stopped breathing. It's a terrible feeling, but nothing seems to help it. I know getting rid of this cold might help a bit, but seriously, my sinuses were in overdrive even before this. I think that is my least favourite part about being pregnant. I can handle the part where my belly actually gets in the way (it's a neat thing actually, and something I haven't had to worry about before this). 

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she offered to come over and help me get ready for the baby's arrival. This is such a foreign concept to me. We never really got that last time. I never had a bag at the door to grab when we'd head off to the hospital. I never had the nursery all set up and ready, just waiting for the baby. And so far, we haven't done anything really to get ready for this child. I think my husband and I are maybe being a little superstitious. Last time, he bought diapers that we never ended up using until the child was about 9 months old (same with the sleepers he bought the same day). And an outfit for the new baby to come home in? Same thing. Last time we didn't get to plan that out ahead of time. We were able to take outfits in and check to see which colours matched the best with his skin tones since he didn't come home until he was almost 3 months old!! Oh the new things I should start to think about. 

We're less than one week away now from our child being considered full term (I believe anyone born before 37 weeks is still classed as a preemie). That blows me away. I am shocked that we have come this far. I know there are still many things that can happen to a full term baby, but those things are very different than the battle a preemie faces simply because of their early arrival. So, I will continue to enjoy the basketball that now resides across my belly. I will take the stretch marks and itchy belly and lack of sleep and clogged sinuses any day over the daily trips to the hospital and wondering if our child will in fact live to see the next day. It's the little things, or in the case of our soon to be son, the bigger things, since he's still measuring quite large on the growth chart!!

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Claudia said...

Everytime I read your blog I remind myself that we are lucky to get this far because although it's uncomfortable and inconvenient and (frankly) not pretty, it means the babies are growing well.

Take it easy as you've not got far to go and pretty soon we'll both be back to as normal as possible, running with these babies in their strollers!