Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The hiking family...

This past weekend was so fantastic. I loved everything about it. On Friday I hiked with a work friend and we climbed to the top of Ha Ling Mountain. This is no simple task. We gained 700 meters in elevation over 2.5km, so just imagine how the whole trail was pretty much straight up. My lungs got a great workout, and my legs were sore for 2 days afterwards (like don't want to go down the stairs sore).

Then on Saturday, Jeremy and I volunteered to help set up Transition 2 for the inaugural Calgary Ironman 70.3. It was a lot of fun and it now has me thinking that the time has come to start doing triathlons.

On Sunday, we went and cheered on the athletes on the biking section of the Ironman, and it was great. We had posters that read "You are my hero" and "looking mighty fine". We got lots of smiles and thumbs up from the bikers. After that, we hung out at Jeremy's mom's for a bit then headed to Cochrane for ice cream from Mackays. It was so super tasty (I had coconut). Sebastian even managed to stay pretty clean. That night, we had a barbeque and served up rootbeer bbq sauce ribs. They were tasty. Sebastian had fun at one point trying to soak everyone with the hose.

That night, there was a massive thunderstorm. It was insane. I have never seen so much lightning in my life. I was almost feeling scared inside the house.

And then finally Monday, we went hiking. I managed to convince my husband to hike for the first time this year (I have asked many times already and been turned down every time). It was fun. We did Heart Creek trail, which is a nice 5km hike. Sebastian even did 1.7km of it himself, through the fun section with bridges etc. We packed our lunch and had a fantastic time!!

Then, that night, we made stuffed mushrooms and headed over to my aunt and uncle's house to visit with family visiting from out of town. It was a super night!! I loved the whole weekend. I pretty much spent the whole weekend just having fun!! It was great!!

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