Sunday, August 30, 2009

Life is good...

Every day, I feel so blessed to have the family I do. I truly do have an amazing husband and I'm so lucky for that. He is a fantastic father to his boys and it's so cool to see him with them. And then there are my boys. Sebastian of course had a really rough ride at the beginning of his life, but now he's just this incredible little toddler about to start preschool. He's fun to chat with, has the cutest smile and can say the sweetest things. I try and remind him every day that I sure did win the kid lottery when I was chosen to be his mom!! And then there is Sullivan. He's this happy, content, always smiling little baby who is curious about everything. He sticks pretty much anything in his mouth and is motoring all over the house now with his army crawl. It's so cute. It amazes me how different Sebastian and Sullivan are. It's been so much fun parenting a full term child just because of the things that were different with Sebastian. I love them both more than anything, and I'm so proud to parent such a cute pair of boys. And I love that Sebastian looks out for his little brother sometimes, taking away things he shouldn't be chewing on (like the remote or my wallet for example). Or how he can be protective of him when we're out "don't touch my brother, he's not yours". And sometimes he will give him hugs or get a toy for him and it's just so cute. I love my family and I hope I tell them that often enough because I really am lucky!! Thanks guys!! Thanks Jeremy, Sebastian, Sullivan (and Cronos the super dog)... you make me smile and have fun every day!!

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