Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bright and sunny!!

I think I'm coming out of my slump. I think I just worked too many days in a row, and now that I'm about to have 5 days off, I'm super excited. I also am finished with Sebastian's appointments for now, and the worst of them are behind us now (it's no fun watching him get bloodwork done, or eye drops and the subsequent eye exam, and even the pee bag for the urine sample isn't fun). I have some things to look forward to now.

I am going to a naturopathic doctor tomorrow, and I'm excited for that. Should be interesting.

I am excited for running on Saturday. I went running last night as well, so hopefully running is getting back on track again. I'm excited about that!! Time to really be there for the mentees I'm watching out for.

I'm excited for the Mother's Day run coming up. And the Police Half Marathon.

And the idea of change in my career.

And getting our basement developed.

And taking Cronos to the dog park again.

And just having fun. Planning Sebastian's birthday party. Reading stories with him. Watching Le Master of Disguise (it was on again...we deleted it and wouldn't you know, it was his favourite Backyardigans episode, but now we have it taped again!!)

I love life!!

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