Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Always a Disney fan...

So I just finished Realityland: True-Life Adventures at Walt Disney World, by David Koenig. He's written a few other books, offering a sort of insider's look at what happens at Disney that Disney would never tell you about. This was his first one about the Florida parks. I loved it. I love reading this stuff. I love reading about the parts of Disney that don't go so well, about the accidents, and deaths, and things that Disney would never tell you. But it doesn't destroy Disney for me. I will always love Disney.

I worked at Disneyworld for about 15 months when I was younger. It was the best job I ever had. Seriously, if I ever won the lottery, I'd go back in a heartbeat. I am very good at being that happy person who's there to do whatever I can to make someone have a better day. Now when I worked there, life was not always rosy, but for the most part, I loved it. I loved dealing with primarily happy people and working at "the happiest place on earth". I did all sorts of jobs while I was there, worked in foods, worked in custodial, facilitated youth programs, but the best job I had was driving boats. I spent the final three months as the captain aboard the friendship boats that went between EPCOT, MGM and the hotels in the area. It was fantastic. I loved it. I played trivia with the guests, asked them about hidden mickeys on the attractions they had been on. I had some families that would wait so they could be on the boat when I was driving.

It's rather ironic that in my current line of work, I am seldom talking to happy people, but rather people who are more stressed than they ever have been. So many parts of Disney are still leftover. My emphasis on customer service is huge, even if it doesn't entirely match with the job description.

If I get the chance again, I will work for Disney. I don't know in what capacity, but whatever it is, I will love it. I love the Disney culture, and the Disney way of doing business. As it is, I am counting down the days until my next trip, and it's not long now. I am going to Disneyland to run the half marathon at the end of the month. And, I'm going with people who like Disney. I can hardly wait!!

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Claudia said...

Ah, I know EXACTLY what you mean of course! Those were the best months of my life and would go back there in a heartbeat.

Isn't Realityland great? I've just finished it myself and Samuel stole the dust jacket because it's got a monorail on it and he loves monorails. So much that just this morning he said to me "mami, I want to live in the United States so that I can drive a monorail"...awwww!