Monday, June 8, 2009

My kids amaze me...

My kids amaze me. Truly. They are both incredible in very different ways. Sebastian is growing into this incredible little boy. There is nothing baby about him anymore. He loves Dr Suess, playing with cars, trains, running, I am especially fond of the fact that he loves being chased and running. I hope he has a passion for exercise as he gets older that was built on a foundation of fun as a kid, but that's another whole topic. Yesterday, we took him to see UP and he was great. He watched the whole thing (very cute movie by the way), and when it was over and the credits started rolling, he said he wanted to watch it again. Sweet!! And, he loves "castle movies". I told him if it was a castle (Disney) movie, that meant it was probably a good movie, so now any time we watch a Disney show he says "it's a castle movie". He's so grown up in many ways. He is mastering the art of potty training (still slips up but hey, he's three), he is thoughtful and helpful with his little brother, he is still cuddly and overall, just a fun person. I look at him and I am so blown away by how far he's come from his tiny tiny start.

On the other hand, there is Sullivan. Sullivan is huge by comparison, and I swear, his thighs are wider around than Sebastian's thighs are. He's getting close to 20 pounds and he's not quite five months old. He's starting to make those raspberry sounds and it is so cute. And, he's moving, big time. He rolls onto his tummy all the time now, and if you place him on a blanket, it's like his personal mission to get off the blanket. If you turn away for a few seconds and then look back, he's usually rotated himself 90 degrees as well. It's great. And, he's so laid back. He's generally a fairly happy baby. It doesn't take much to please him and all you need to do is give him a look and he is all smiles. He puts absolutely everything into his mouth (which Sebastian never did), and is curious about everything. He is so completely his own person and I just love that about him. I love that he and Sebastian are very different about things because it really highlights the fact that he is his own person and not just another baby.

They keep me busy and I love it. I am having so much fun with these guys

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