Sunday, July 26, 2009

My big baby...

Sullivan had his six month old shots on Friday, so we finally got him weighed again and he was a whopping 21 pounds 6 1/2 ounces (9.7kg) of hugeness. And I know that's big because my friend's little guy who is 14 months old was also weighed that day and was hovering just below twenty pounds). I don't remember the exact length he was, but I do know it was at the 75th percentile, so he's definitely getting longer since the last time he was at the 50th.

He's a little sweetheart. He's eating up a storm now too. Bananas, avocados, rice cereal (spiced with cinnamon today!!), oatmeal, apple sauce and I bought a squash and a sweet potato, so he'll have a couple new things to try in the next few days as well.

Sebastian is a busy little guy. He's had all sorts of playdates lately, and is just loving summer!! He's been in his pool several times now, loves being outside, loves playgrounds, loves just about everything (except apparently ham pizza tonight, but whatever!!).

And Sullivan is becoming such a little person now too!! He's just curious about everything, and puts pretty much everything in his mouth, including his own feet, which is pretty cute to watch. He is a determined boy and will move all over the place to get to toys and things that are out of his reach. And Sebastian is so cute telling us how he's going to play with Sullivan when he gets a bit bigger.

They are fantastic. I am so lucky!! I love my boys!!

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