Saturday, July 25, 2009

The ultimate burger and fries...

On Friday night, we had a barbeque. The reason we were having a barbeque was to raise money for Ronald McDonald House to buy them a hospital grade breast pump and although we didn't have very many people in the end, it was still a nice evening and I think we rocked the food. In particular, I have to highlight the burger and fries. It was my goal to try and make an excellent burger and fries, and I think we succeeded. Of course I had the assistance of my husband and my friend, but together, we pulled off a great barbeque. If you want, you can still donate to our cause by clicking here.

So what exactly was our burger and fries? Well, the burger was made of lean ground beef, eggs, salt, pepper and worcestershire sauce. I made them from scratch and Jeremy cooked them up. We served them with an avocado relish that Cindy threw together for me. The recipe was from Bobby Flay's Burger Fries and Shakes and it was fantastic. We served up the burgers with tomatoes, lettuce and also a homemade Basil Chive Mayo with chives fresh from our yard. The mayo got great reviews. Basically we mixed up a package of basil, about 1/4 cup of chives (I'm guessing here as I just chopped up a bunch and added them), and about 1 1/2 cups of Miracle Whip. And all I can say is yum.

As for the fries, I again referred to the Bobby Flay book following the perfect fry recipe. I used Russett Potatoes just like he suggests. To season them, I made a seasoning of smoked paprika, ground cumin, roasted garlic powder, salt, pepper and brown sugar. I was going to try making the barbeque seasoning in the Bobby Flay book, but didn't quite have all the ingredients. We double fried the fries, and I have to say, they are the best fries I have ever made. Of course, it was the first time I actually read up on making them, but it was worth the time because the taste was excellent. Thank goodness for our local Asian supermarket T&T because they sold peanut oil in bulk!!

We served the fries with the mayo dip and your traditional Heinz ketchup. Both were good, but I have to say that I was mostly using the mayo dip myself!! Yum!!

Cindy made a peach cheesecake for dessert and it was fantastic as well. And then we offered the kids some homemade cookies, but more on those another day...

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