Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birthday Eve...

So, I will finish up another year of my existence on this planet soon. It feels like time goes by much faster than it used to. I remember as a child when it seemed like Christmas took FOREVER to get here. I think it's all relative. When I was six, I had only been on the planet for six years. And one month was a relative long time. Now that I'm almost 34, a month is nothing!! The blink of an eye!! I'm guessing time seems to go faster the older you get. It's just a theory. I have a few of those theories. I will maybe share them in the next little while.

For now though, it's time to take stock and see what has happened in the last year. It has been a busy one, that is for sure. As far as my family life goes, I watched my son turn one. I watched him learn to crawl and walk and just in the last few weeks learn to speak some words. I watched my dog become a bit too aggressive at the dog park (and so we stopped going!!). We did a road trip out to Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria. We went hiking (only twice, must improve on that this year!!). We went camping (also twice, and that was adequate for last year!). I completed the Police Half Marathon in my best time ever. We did the Mother's Day 5km walk in support of Neonatal Intensive Care (and we'll be doing it again this year, same cause!!). I attended toddler time with Sebastian. I became a mentor with Team In Training. I ran Melissa's 10km. I ran the Ambulance Chasers 5km in my fastest time ever. I finished Goofy's race and a half challenge (running a half marathon on the first day and a full marathon the second day). We took Sebastian to Disney for the first time and watched him on rides and interacting with characters. We took Sebastian on his first ever cruise and he played in the ocean. I signed up to be a mentor again with Team In Training. Went and visited my parents a few times. Hmmm...I think that was most of the family fun stuff. 

I started working on decluttering our house a little. Have packed up all of Sebastian's clothes in the preemie, newborn, 6 month and 12 month sizes. Have packed up a bunch of Sebastian's toys. Trimmed down the dogs toys and treats. Went through our clothes closet and donated at least 3 bags to charity. Sorted through papers in the office (and did more tonight...does it ever end??). Fixed up our garden for the spring. Kept on top of the dog poop situation. Went through stuff in our basement that we're not using. Recycled a bunch of old computers and such. It's been a lot of stuff!!

Career wise, I went back to work after my maternity year was up (and lucky for Sebastian, he got a few months more at home with his dad!!). Became a critical incident dispatcher. Tried, with no luck to take a course I have been longing to take for 6 years. Renewed my first aid. Became an acting supervisor. So, work has been busy as well!!

All in all, it was a great year. I have lots of fond memories and look forward to making this year an even better one!! And maybe this year I'll actually get around to making that NICU scrapbook I have been longing to make for almost 2 years now!!

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