Thursday, March 6, 2008

Working on my course...

I have started to put some serious effort into my course. I am taking anatomy and physiology. It has been slow. I had hoped to get lots of it done at work, but then I spent a lot of time coaching people and learning how to be a supervisor. But, now, I just want to do my course. I want to expand my mind. I want to get educated. I want to start finding opportunities away from where I work. I want to see what else is out there.

Today my work life was not so great. They are cracking down on how we use the internet at work. It's a pain. We spend such long shifts at work, that sometimes it's nice to be able to use the down time to get things done. Now, that seems to be an issue to everyone. 75% of the people I work with are not happy with their workplace. That is bad. That is really bad. Yet, it seems like that doesn't really matter to anyone. It sucks, because I love my job. I really do. Yet, with all the stuff that keeps happening, my desire to be there seems to shrink almost daily. I hate that I feel like that!!

So, now I will spend time trying to expand my mind. I mean, really focus on accomplishing things that make me happy. Like spending time with my son, and my husband and my puppy. Trying to fit in more runs. It's not always so easy to do, yet I really enjoy it when I get the chance. I want to spend time scrapbooking, really, I want to make an album from Sebastian's NICU days. He's almost two, I really should get on that!! I have the stuff, I just need to sit down and work at it. I want to write. I want to research what it would take to be a life coach. Maybe I want to see a life coach. Life is so much more than all the petty things that are dragging me down at work. It's time to skip over that and start doing what I love. I want to find enjoyment in every day. Always!! I'm a happy person and I won't let work drag me down!!

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