Friday, January 23, 2009

Celebrating the first week...

It's Friday and I'm proud to say that I made it through a whole week of being on my own with two kids. The first couple days were very very tiring, but yesterday was pretty good. Wednesday night I actually got a fair bit of sleep. The one time I had troubles settling down the baby, my knight in shining armour galloped in on his horse to save me (or, in other words, Jeremy came and took over). I think I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow, and then the baby didn't wake up for another 3 hours, so there were two blocks of about 3 hours of sleep, it's amazing what that sleep did for me!!

So, time to celebrate some of my little successes this week. 

-Sullivan is a pretty easy going baby and aside from a bit of mix up with days and nights, he generally settles well and is just content to be. 
-My earlier issues with my chest have resolved themselves and I'm no longer in pain from that (thank goodness cause that was really no fun!!)
-Sebastian is the best little helper. He'll grab diapers, wipes, blankets, whatever I ask him to, and he's so proud of himself doing it. 
-Reading. I'm actually making a point of reading and loving it. Granted it's not huge amounts of reading, but it's parts of book and for that I'm grateful!!
-A playdate!! Sebastian had a playdate yesterday with his friend Edan and it was so cute. They actually played trains, playdoh, aquadoodle, helped make some muffins, banged on the keyboard, and played upstairs. It was great. I mean, there were a few tears shed as well, but the fact that they actually played with each other was great, and Sebastian was so excited to have someone there to play with him. So thanks Cindy for coming over (because I appreciated having someone to visit with too!!)
-I made muffins, and dinner. Jeremy is always so quick to take over the dinners, but yesterday, I actually made corn chowder, and it was super tasty. I love making soups, a lot!! 
-And, sort of got the house in somewhat of an order and cleaned before the playdate. It wasn't perfect, but hey, I'm running on very little sleep, even on a good day!!

Okay, so they aren't huge milestones or anything, but it was a good week. I had fun hanging out with Sebastian and trying to do things with him while the baby slept etc. We read lots of stories, and new ones to boot!! I am still not driving. The roads suck and I'm post surgery anyways, so I really shouldn't be driving. I'll give it one more week, and then get back to that part of my life. Although, packing up two kids will require a little more effort, and at the moment, that just seems daunting!!


Cindy said...

packing up multiple kids in the winter sucks the most I think. I still hate it, making sure everyone has hats and mitts and boots and potty breaks and usualy by the time you are ready someone has filled thier pants. Oh I long for winter. And the only reason why I am being a downer right now is James is napping, Edan is vegging on the couch, I am comfy and it is bloody cold and we have to go get Elias in 15 minutes. BLAH!

But yay on all the progress, it really does feel great to get moving and feel like you have accomplishe something in the day.

And we totally ate all the muffins already. We are piggies around here! They were delicious!

Cindy said...

by the way, I meant to say , I ong for summer. See I still have placenta brain!