Thursday, January 15, 2009

Groceries changed everything...

So, since having Sullivan, my body has been going through all sorts of stuff. I know this is very typical, and I have to say, I haven't been enjoying that side of things as much. Yesterday however, I experienced a glimmer of hope. 

My mom has been coming over to help out with things, and my husband has been here as well. It's been great with my mom here, because we keep having these appointments to go to and having her here let's Jeremy take me to the appointments while still having someone around to watch Sebastian. So, yesterday was no exception. We had another appointment to check on the jaundice levels of little Sullivan (since the day before they were too high). 

Well, in between dealing with Sullivan's issues, of course, has been my recovery. It has been a bit of a bumpy road. I will just quickly go over that, since I hate to dwell on negatives, but in order to understand how great groceries are, I have to mention life before groceries.

I am not big into hospitals and surgery and all that stuff. I mean, I know most people aren't, but I am definitely not a big fan. Last time, I think the stress of whether or not Sebastian would make it, covered up most of the recovery, ironic since I was also healing a broken leg at the time. So, fast forward to last Friday. I wasn't overly excited about having to have surgery. I had been given the preview the day before at the hospital's c-section orientation thing. As much as I want to know what's happening, the beauty of Sebastian's birth was I had no time to stress or anything because it all happened so fast. 

This time, all the OR stuff happened, and I knew exactly what I was getting into. I felt nausea almost from the moment the spine was infiltrated. The doctor was great though, and was soon giving me meds to combat the nausea. I remember lying on the table, before Jeremy was allowed to be with me thinking "30 minutes, just let 30 minutes go by and the worst of this will be over". Once Jeremy was at my side, things were better. I was still a bit of an emotional basketcase, but hey, I had a whole new set of emotions that I never got last time. Okay, so post surgery, I end up with nausea, that will not let go. I was throwing up quite regularly (I know, details you don't need). But, I'm not a puke sort of person, so it was rough, not to mention the part where your abdomen is all sensitive, and going through those motions don't help. Then, because of all the nausea, I wasn't able to get the catheter out since I wasn't keeping anything down. Then, I couldn't get up and walk around because it just made me sick. It all just compounded everything. 

Then, they sent me home after two days. I was in rough shape. Then the whole milk coming in thing. Let's just say my breasts are still trying to recover from that. Super huge amounts of pain (oh so fun!!). Walking around was painful for my abdomen. I had a two year old that was upset I couldn't pick him up and cuddle with him the way we do, and I was scared having him too close because he was not so gentle around me!! 

And then yesterday, Jeremy took me to the health clinic to double check on Sullivan and his jaundice. Things were improving huge on that front, which was nice. Then they checked my chest, and she was alarmed by it, and had another girl come check on it. Lovely, all these people examining my chest. Good thing I take the approach that, if a guy can show off his chest, so can a girl because in the last 6 days, the number of people examining me and touching my chest has been huge. But oh well, I go in again today for more of that fun.

Well, after the appointment, we had to stop and get wipes. It's amazing how many you go through when you have two kids!! We stopped at Sobey's and I went inside with Jeremy. We picked up a few groceries. But, the most amazing part, was that for the first time, walking around actually felt good. I was still moving super slow, but I was making huge progress. Huge. I wanted to be walking around. It didn't absolutely wipe me out. It was such an awesome feeling, after 5 days of pure yuckiness, to actually, for a brief moment, feel normal again. 

So, although I am not yet healed, not by any means, I feel like I truly turned a corner yesterday. Like the worst part is now behind me. I know it will still take a bit, but hey, to actually have felt pretty good was just so nice. And, as each day goes by, things get a bit better, but wow, yesterday I actually felt human again. And I loved it. So, even though I couldn't carry any of the groceries into the house, or my baby in the carseat, I was still able to walk around and pick out a few things we needed. Yippee!! So, thank goodness for grocery shopping, because it truly made me feel human again!!

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Cindy said...

I am so glad you are getting over the hump!! See you later today!