Saturday, January 31, 2009

One step, two step...

So, I was feeling a bit down and out. This is mostly because I'm tired and haven't been able to do much. But, then on Thursday, my husband agreed to go walk with me. So, when he got home from work, we packed up the family, baby in the cuddly wrap, Sebastian in the Chariot (his wagon), dog on a leash, and headed out the door. It was cool and windy, but it was so nice to be out and about. I came home feeling fantastic!! 

Then, came Friday. I decided to do a few things: get Sebastian a haircut, renew the registration on the car, deposit some cheques, go for lunch, order more cloth diapers, get a new health care card for someone (Sebastian's card went through the laundry), etc. I did a few things at home, and then Sebastian, Sullivan and I headed out, on foot (well, I had the stroller for Sebastian, and Sullivan was in the cuddly wrap again). It was great. We did tons of walking, probably about 5km in all, with all the stops. I was sooooooo happy!! 

Now, onto Saturday, we walked to the gym in the morning for Sebastian and Jeremy's class. Then later, when we needed a few groceries, I decided to just walk over to the grocery store. I was so glad because they say that most car trips are for 5 miles or less, and for two days in a row, I managed to walk to get my little projects done. 

It feels great adding this exercise to my life. Three more weeks until it is running, but in the meantime, we'll be getting in reasonable shape if I can keep up some of this walking!!

P.S. And the cloth diapers. I am very excited about this. We had a few that we had been trying, and were quite happy with the trial, so bought some more, and bought some bigger ones. It is a bit of an investment, but it is so nice not just throwing out diapers every day. So, we'll keep at it and hopefully it goes well, but so far so good!!

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