Thursday, March 5, 2009

FInding balance...

Life is busy. Having two boys to hang out with every day certainly keeps things busy. The fact that one is a newborn (well, not really anymore, at almost 8 weeks old), and the other is a high energy non-stop almost three year old, leaves very little time for much else. I am making it a priority to fit in exercise, but even that can be a bit tricky. I can't really do the treadmill with both boys around, and waiting until Jeremy comes home means I will be exercising in the late evening, and that is often a tough time to feel motivated. So far so good though.

But the house... the house is a disaster. It looks like a tornado blew in. There is stuff everywhere. I am managing to keep up on the laundry, but still have to put it away. And the dishes, same thing. I get them done every day, but it feels like I'm so busy playing catch up. We have the amazing robot vacuum, which is great, but that requires a cleared off floor. There are toys everywhere. We try and clean up every day, but you miss one thing, and before you know it, it has expanded exponentially and suddenly it feels like you can't go more than one step without stepping on something. It's crazy.

So today, Sebastian is spending the day playing at his dayhome. Maybe I'll get something done? I'll have more time, but I still do have a baby that will require a bunch of my attention, so I am not even sure how much I will actually accomplish.

So how can I balance all this? Well, my favourite strategy is to make a list. If I start out with a list at the start of the day, I generally will be able to accomplish some of what I set out to do. Time will tell if this can actually happen. If my list is long, I make it a rule that I need to finish a minimum of three things. If I do more, great, but I can't do less than that. It's fairly effective. So now I will go and write my list and see if I can actually fit in everything I am hoping to, so the house is somewhat back to normal again!!

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Claudia said...

Oh don't I know it! So far I've only had the newborn to deal with - not the other boy, not the house, not even cooking. And even then I find I am running out of time for other stuff. How on Earth will I manage when I get back home and I have it all to deal with? I need to make sure I fit in my running time!!!