Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The training begins...

So, today was the first attempt at doing the strength workout at home. It's a great workout. I was totally spent. I brought up the tubing and brought down the fit ball. I had Sebastian counting reps with me for the various exercises. It was tough. A couple of them I had to stop mid set even because I was so tired. And sweating. Who knew that such a simple plan could be so tough!! I still have to do the cardio, but I am waiting until my husband gets home to do that.

I liked my first meeting with the trainer. She went over all the exercises with me as well as some of the other stuff that was in my binder. It's a great binder full of good stuff. Workout information, nutrition information, goal setting stuff, pictures of some of the exercises etc. I was surprised that I didn't have to weigh in or anything like that, and they didn't take any measurements either. We're doing this entirely for the goals I have.

My first goal is to do a fitness test and complete it successfully. And my second goal is to run a 10km race in under 60 minutes. I truly believe I will achieve both, but that I must be patient as I start to build back up again. That part is hard since I want results today!! Oh well, we'll get there eventually.

And hopefully I'm setting a good example for my sons and that they will learn to include exercise in their lives on a daily basis. I'll get more of that in when we do the kids marathon with Sebastian. He will love it, I'm sure of that!!

In the meantime, I'll sit here with my very sore abs, reminding myself that someday I might get back somewhat of a stomach after having a fullterm kid!!

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