Saturday, March 7, 2009

Week One - Finished!!

So, I have reached the end of week one on the program my trainer gave me. It was good. I managed to complete everything I was supposed to. I ended up having 3 days of the strength workouts (sort of really only 2 days though since it was split between upper and lower at home), and 4 days of running. Not bad for the first week. I think tomorrow might be a rest day... we'll see...

On a side note, poor little Sebastian was sick last night. After tracing back everything he ate and drank, we've figured out that he had sour milk. I feel so incredibly bad. I never noticed it was sour when I was getting it ready for him. Only later, when I realized he didn't drink much, did I take off the cap, and it smelled off. He ended up quite sick from it, throwing up several times over the course of the evening. This is the not so fun part of having kids. He managed to require a complete change of pj's three times, changing the sheets, and poor Ratatouille, Banana, c-squirt and Zach all required a wash as well. Oh well, all fixed now. I'm super grumpy about the milk though, it was supposed to be good until March 17th, which, is still a long way's away from now. Luckily, he seems to have gotten past the worst of it now. But I still think I'll keep milk at a minimum for the next day or so!!

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