Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ramblings from a way to busy life...

I am not really sure what to type today, but haven't actually typed anything in awhile so thought I should come up with something. Life has been busy lately. I thought it was supposed to slow down after the Labour Day weekend, but it is not really showing any signs of stopping. Now, that's okay. I don't mind being busy, but I would sure like some down time to try and get things a little more organized around the house for when the baby arrives. I have some serious decluttering I want to accomplish, but not really the time to do it lately. Now, assuming this baby stays healthy, I will have a month before the baby arrives, but if this baby happens to make an early arrival like Sebastian did, then that would not quite be the case. So, I'm hoping for the longer pregnancy, since that is better for the baby anyways, and gives me time to get organized in December. Of course in December I'll be busy with Christmas cards and baking, and planning a Christmas party and that sort of thing, but hey, maybe I can squeeze in a few minutes here and there to declutter, or get the next room ready for the baby or something like that!!

I'm excited though, as my plans for volunteering at the hospital are starting to fall into place again. There was a wonderful parents group with the Neonatal Unit, but then some staffing changes sort of derailed the whole thing, so the parents who are left and still want to help are only now finding the opportunity again. Oh well, better late than never I suppose!!

Sebastian continues to be fun and I enjoy spending time with him. We had a very lazy morning today, but did manage to play outside a bit before lunch. Now if only I could get myself motivated while he's napping to clean up around here. But, the idea of a nap is sounding awfully good right about now (being tired is pretty normal with pregnancy, right??). 

Oh well, I'm counting down the days until Bolt comes out. It's a new Disney movie and I will take Sebastian to it. It is about a puppy so it's absolutely perfect!!

And I am enjoying the fall tv season. Trying not to spend too much time on shows. But enjoying the ones I do watch. Grey's Anatomy, Law and Order SVU, Biggest Loser (which, at the moment has me finding high calorie snacks to enjoy as I watch these people toil away to lose pounds... but hey, I won't be toiling away at my weight until about the end of February, so might as well give myself extra pounds to take off, hahaha). 

In the meantime, I love my Sigg water bottle. When we were in the mountains a couple weeks ago, I got a new top for it, and love it way more than the one it came with. Today, Sebastian and I were sipping out of our Sigg bottles together. He has a mini one with puppies, and I have a bit bigger one with a map of the world on it. 

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