Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A super fantastic day...

I loved today. I loved so many things about it. It was a day off, that helps. But Sebastian and I had plans!! We slept in a bit (oops!!), but were dressed and ready for early intervention. The visit was fantastic. She brought some activities she thought might be too advanced for him, but he rocked them all!! And he was so conversational and it went great. 

Once that appointment was over, we headed up to a nearby park. The weather was perfect. It was nice and sunny, and the temperature was great. I got to visit with a friend who treated me to a Starbucks (how much better can a day get really when you get a nice hot chai to drink while chatting). Sebastian did well at the park and even interacted and followed the other boys. Not to mention the part where my friend's little guy came running over to Sebastian shouting out his name when we arrived. And, we timed the visit perfectly, because not long after getting home, some freak wind and rain storm blew in. 

Sebastian ate really well, and although fought the nap a little, eventually went to sleep (the threat of missing swimming was apparently a good one). And while he was napping, I got to work on some photos of him and some playlists for my ipod (ah, adult time!!). He got up, we played, snacked and then headed off for swimming lessons. The lessons were okay, except for the part where some older child pooped in the pool so aside from some time in the hot tub, there was no lesson really. Oh well, Sebastian and his dad had a few minutes in the hot tub anyhow!!

Dinner was good (he really did eat amazing today!!). Then I coloured with him, read stories, gave him a bath and we had a snack while watching the Backyardigans. He was so well behaved today and we just had a fun day together. It's one of the best days I have had with him. We were best buddies today and I love that he's old enough now to truly have fun with. Now I'm just waiting for him to be old enough for lego... then, I tell you, the fun will be even more!!


Claudia said...

Does sound like a lovely day!

When he's older and you get the Lego, it isn't fun when you mistakenly step on one of the little blocks though... ouch. :)

Cindy said...

We had fun too. And couldn't have planned the park time any better!