Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So, I just got back from a morning of appointments. I had an ultrasound this morning. I have been a bit uneasy about this particular ultrasound because this is about the time that things went not so well with Sebastian. So, I just needed to get through this one to feel better about how things were progressing. And, things went well!! The baby is looking good. Measuring a bit on the large side as a matter of fact (95th percentile!!). That is so the completely opposite problem of last time. At this point last time, Sebastian was probably pretty close to his birth weight of 830grams, which is what this kid weighed 3 weeks ago. Now, this new kid is checking in at around 3 pounds or so (1300-1400grams). What kind of craziness is that!! It probably took Sebastian more than 2 months to get to that weight!! The doctor said that the bigger the baby, the better the outcome in the big picture, so I can't complain!! And, since this will be a c-section, it's not like I will have to get all freaked out about how a large baby will actually be born since they just cut the kid out anyways!! 

So, I followed up the ultrasound with my gestational diabetes screen. The one where you drink a super sweet soda and then wait an hour and get your blood sugars checked. I had a magazine with me, so I could pass the time, and sort of jumped the queue a little (I decided to ask if I could just drink the stuff, rather than wait for my number to come to just drink and then wait an extra hour still). And, since when I arrived, they were serving #119 and I had #143, it was a good decision. I drank my liquid, and it took well after half an hour before I would have even been called!! And, lucky for me, this lab tech got the vein on the first try. The last two times have not gone well with multiple tries being needed and lots of pokes. So I was very grateful. Nearly spoke too soon though, as the first vial filled right away, and he almost needed to poke me again to get the last 4mls. I mean, 4mls!! Geesh. Luckily, we just waited an extra minute or two and very very slowly, it filled up. This might be why I don't get on so well trying to give blood since my circulatory system seemingly has a mind of it's own!! 

Either way, the morning went well and I feel SOOOOO much better now about this pregnancy. 

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Claudia said...

Happy news indeed... but I'm SUCH a baby for blood stuff that now I'm fealing a bit queasy... ugh...