Monday, April 13, 2009

the anticipation of the fed-ex man...

It was fun. This morning we went and picked up a package from DHL with our new copy of Slumdog Millionaire in it (since the copy we bought had no special features on it), but then this afternoon, I knew that my mac order would be coming (from iphoto). I was soooo excited. Every time a car went by or a door slammed, I was running to the window to check if it might be fed-ex (since, according to the package tracking, my package was on the truck for delivery that day). But, it was starting to look like the package might not come. I was sad, because if it ended up being Tuesday, I wouldn't be here almost for sure. But, then, at 4:55pm, I thought I heard something and caught a glimpse of a possible truck. I asked Jessica, who was by the window "was that a fed-ex truck?". She laughed, "yes it is actually". I was like a kid waiting for Santa, truly. After all those checks, and almost giving up for the night, my package really did arrive. Yippee!! I let the fed-ex man know I was excited. He laughed too. And the package was perfect. The stuff you can make from iphoto really is worth it!!

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