Monday, April 6, 2009

Bedtime struggles...

So, Sebastian has been a nightmare to put to bed the past few nights. Not entirely sure what's up with him, but he just freaks out at the whole concept of having to go to bed. Story time goes great, and then I go to give him a kiss and tuck him in, and he starts refusing and eventually he is crying and upset and absolutely totally does not want to go to bed. What gives!! Oh well, I suppose he's 3 and just showing his general disapproval of his bedtime, but yowsers!!

Today I met with the trainer again and it was fantastic. Well, let me rephrase, it was complete hell and I worked harder than I have worked to date. Some of the exercises she had us doing were insane (like doing hamstring curls while also doing chest press). It was tough, and in between every weight was cardio, on the treadmill. And we're talking sprints here, and hills and I was working harder than I have. I left being totally exhausted and feeling great. And it more than makes up for my lack of exercise in the past week!!

And finally, my son's birth certificate came in the mail today, so now I can apply for his passport. I'm excited. My mom is taking me to Europe in May, and I just know we'll have the best time. I even get to spend a day at Disneyland Paris. I am beyond excited!!

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