Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas is coming...

I am so excited for the holidays this year. Sebastian enjoyed Halloween so much, and I am just sure he is going to love Christmas this year. It's so neat that he's old enough to get excited about things now. Tonight we drove around our neighbourhood looking at Christmas lights. I realize it's only the middle of November, but within a one block radius of our house, there were at least 7 houses with lights on. How crazy is that!!

I am so grateful to have that little boy. He just makes my heart soar. I love when he comes over to me, just to give me a kiss or a hug. Tonight, as he was going to bed, he kissed my belly, so his little brother got a kiss too. He is a funny little guy too. Sometimes he'll put on his glasses upside down just cause he knows it will make us laugh. He's amazing, and he's only two and half. Oh, and his cold is almost gone too, yippee!! Only a few days on the puffers and he's practically cough free. Tomorrow I think we'll go to the library and try and find a book about someone going to the hospital, since he has that experience coming up in a couple weeks (less than that actually!!). 

And next up, is making a list for my ipod of all my favourite Christmas songs. I love this time of year. Red cups at Starbucks (filled with yummy things like Peppermint White Mochas or Chai Eggnog lattes....mmmmmm), sales, chances to watch Christmas shows on tv, decorating the Christmas tree, putting up the Christmas lights (tomorrow I hope!!), planning out Christmas cookies and other baking, and just plain having fun and enjoying the season!! 

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Cindy said...

There is a great story about Curious George having surgery. It's called Curious George goes to the hospital. My boys really like it.

And Christmas rocks with kids. And it gets better every year.