Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sebastian's new leaf...

So, Sebastian appears to have turned over a new leaf when it comes to his dayhome. On four different days now, I have dropped him off, given him a kiss, gotten a kiss from him, and been on my way with no sign of waterworks. It's fantastic!! I felt so good the first time, and now I think he's come to realize that he actually does have fun there and so he enjoys it.

On the flipside however, when Jeremy has gone to pick him up, twice he has burst into tears and been really upset that he has to leave. Jeremy felt sooooo bad!! So, Sebastian hasn't quite figured out the whole thing yet, but as the parent who mostly drops him off, I am so happy that he's no longer upset by this. Yesterday, I also picked him up (it was only a quick visit of 3 hours), and he didn't want to leave. He said "no leave Gracy's", but I took off my shoes, went inside and told him we had a play date and we had to go. So, he reluctantly agreed and we left without incident. I think maybe he just likes things to stay the same, and the switch back and forth from the dayhome to home is not entirely easy for him. Oh well, it's a huge improvement!!

And, the playdate was super fun. We went to a play group in Airdrie and Sebastian just loved it!! They had a bunch of different stations set up, including a water station, where Sebastian spent the majority of his time (he's a fish, I swear it, well, maybe a dolphin...either way, he love love love love loves playing with water). He also loved the story they read, and even ate the snack!!

Oh, and he now has new glasses. Pair number 2. Here's hoping he doesn't lose these ones!!

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