Monday, November 24, 2008

Looking at the finish line...

So, my little son has to have surgery tomorrow. I know it is only day surgery and it is very routine and all that good stuff, but it's amazing how much it has actually been stressing me tonight. Without it even meaning to. But, I have also been taking steps to ensure I have done the steps I can to make it easier for him and me. So, rather than share all my stressed out thoughts, which there are a bunch of, I thought I would share some of the things I have been doing to make the most of this experience.

1. Be informed. It is important to understand what you are walking in to. I like to be armed with knowledge so that if anything strays from the norm, I have been informed of all the different scenarios and am ready to deal with things.

2. Plan ahead for the after party.  I bought Sebastian a little present to give him after he wakes up from his surgery. I told him about it, so he has something to look forward to. Also, by doing this, and getting a bunch of activities lined up for him that are low key (ie colouring, movies, books, playdoh etc), I know we'll have fun in the days ahead while he is recovering. 

3. Be open and honest. I have told Sebastian about what will happen tomorrow. He knows he is going to the hospital. He knows both his parents will be there with him. He knows he will wear special pj's at the hospital. He knows they will give him medicine to make him sleep. He knows he is having surgery. He knows he might not feel good afterward. He knows he gets a present when he wakes up from surgery. He also knows he can bring a stuffed toy with him. These are important things to share with him. I don't want him thinking we tricked him into anything. 

4. Acknowledge your emotions. I have been really emotional tonight. I think this surgery is bringing back lots of memories from when he was first born. I also know his surgeon is a bit of a doom and gloom doctor (but one of the best surgeons there is). I am trying not to concentrate on the potential side effects. I know they are there, but I keep reminding myself that he's been through surgery before, and come out fine, and he will again tomorrow. But wow, as I was laying there with Sebastian, I was overcome with emotions and tears were streaming down my face as I stroked his hair, and told him he was my best little buddy, and that I loved him sooooo much. He said "it's okay mommy". It was so cute. He has come so far from where he started and I am so proud of the incredible little boy that he is. It pains me to think he will be hurting after his surgery, yet I know in the long run, it is the best thing for him. 

5. Don't be afraid to ask for some positive energy or prayers. I know that things are going to go fine, yet I am perfectly willing to accept any and all prayers or energy directed towards Sebastian. He is a super trooper, but it never hurts to have people rooting for him!! And, it's nice to know that he is loved!!

So, as I go into tomorrow, I will be strong, or try very hard to be. I will be as brave as I can, so that Sebastian knows his parents are both there for him, and love him with all their hearts. But I also know that if I get a bit emotional, that's okay too, and I am so fortunate to have my husband there to give me a hug and tell me it's okay to be emotional and that really, it just means I care!! So, hopefully this came across as being hopeful and positive. It's what I am trying to be, but wow, what a huge range of emotions in the meantime!!

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Claudia said...

Best wishes to Sebastian and to both of you today and keep us posted as to how it all went. He is a tough cookie (and so are you!

Sending all my prayers your way today...