Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crunch time...

Well, I got the all clear from the doctor to start exercising again. So, last night I did a combination of running and walking on the treadmill. It felt so good to get my heartrate going again. As well, I had a whole new playlist to run too, and it was fantastic. I am so impressed with all the different songs that people told me to listen to. It was a great way to add some new life to my workouts. I went a total distance of 5.82km including the warm up and cool down. It was great. I loved it. I was so happy to be moving again. I start with my trainer on Monday, so only a few days left without an official program. I am quite excited to begin though.

In the meantime, I'm trying to decide if I should lay it all out on the line. You know, starting weight, measurements, all that sort of thing. I'd like to, but part of me is also chicken of sharing all that information. But really, it is who I am, so I am not so sure what I am afraid of. I know though, that I don't want to be those numbers forever. I really do want to lose 40 pounds, and not just the pounds from the baby, because most of that weight is gone already, and now it's back to where I was before I got pregnant in the first place (well, a little heavier, but not too much).

I signed up for a run in Banff in September. It's a super popular run, and it was sold out by 10am. So, I am really glad I remembered (and Jeremy helping at 5am didn't hurt either!!). I love the run, Melissa's, and can hardly wait for it. Perhaps I'll even be faster this year than I ever have been before. Time will tell for sure... and the trainer should help that as well!!

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