Monday, February 23, 2009

A social butterfly... or not...

So, yesterday, my friend was kind enough to have a shower for our little baby (who, by the way, at 6 weeks old and 12lbs, 12oz), is actually not that little). It was really nice to see a wide variety of people, some of whom, we haven't seen since the baby was born. I had a nice time, but worried afterwards that I didn't really get to visit with everyone.

I'm best in situations with only a couple people to visit with, and when there is a whole group, I am not always sure the best way to get a chance to talk to everyone. If it is only a few people, I can visit fine and do well. Past that though, and I'm never quite sure the best way to handle things. Afterwards, I almost always feel like I never really visited with everyone, or didn't spend enough time with everyone. Maybe this is totally normal, who knows.

In a case like this, the people came from different parts of my life. There were some work friends. There were some kid friends. There were some relatives. There were some people that I've been friends with since university. There were people I met through running. Because of this, many people didn't know the other people. Mostly though, everyone knew someone. One thing that was neat was seeing how some of the people got to meet each other (ie one friend is building a house, as is my brother, so they were chatting, another friend was from the same town, so they got to chatting, another friend works in the same industry as me so she could relate to the work people). It was fun that people interacted that way, but hope that everyone had fun.

Oh well, I like getting together with people, I just don't always know if I do the best job of it when it's big groups.

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