Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No time for anger...

So, last night, I was angry at my husband. It wasn't for anything super serious, but he wanted to go out and grab some groceries. We sort of chatted and agreed to have one of us go after we put Sebastian to bed. However, it didn't quite happen that way. Due to too much computer time, Sebastian's bedtime ended up being later than it might have been, so by the time Jeremy decided he needed to go out, it was right in the middle of the bedtime routine. He got grumpy, so I got grumpy. He said he wasn't going, but then I said he should. And, he did.

So, cut to a half hour later. I am trying to read stories to Sebastian while the baby is crying because he's hungry but wants to eat downstairs like he always does. Jeremy comes home in the midst of the crying stories, and tries to help. By now I'm grumpy and angry at him because of the whole situation.

Now it is today. And looking back, it's pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, but I shouldn't have let it get me angry. Because, afterwards, I was grumpy and did not really want to hang out with Jeremy. So, rather than enjoying the rest of the evening together, I sat there with this anger. What a waste of emotion. I should have allowed myself to get slightly annoyed, and then just shrugged it off and enjoyed my evening. But for some reason I let it bring me down for the whole night.

People are so quick to get angry and mad and annoyed and all those negative emotions. Normally, I do a pretty good job of not letting things get to me, yet for some reason, yesterday, anger took centre stage. Today, I am annoyed that it did. Truly, there really was not much of a reason. Likely, it was the whole entire day all rolled into the end of it. Throw in the lack of sleep and I was just not thinking clearly. Next time though, I'd like to think that I won't let anger beat me. It's not worth it. I got nothing out of being grumpy last night, except that I probably made Jeremy grumpy too. And, that's really not healthy for either of us.

So, next time, I will try very hard to not let something so trivial grate on me. Normally it doesn't so again, it shouldn't be so hard to do. After all, spending your days being grumpy and mad at the world really doesn't get you anywhere!!

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