Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Melissa's Road Race registration...

So, I am hoping to once again do the road race in Banff. I must remember to sign up online. It fills up really fast. Probably, because it is one of the most beautiful runs out there. So, I will mark my calendar for February 25th, and make sure I sign up. Well, I might mark my calendar for the 24th, just so I don't forget to sign up on the 25th. It's a great race, and it offers a choice of 10km or 22km. Only once have I done the 22km, it was my first half marathon and a huge learning opportunity for me. I was totally ill prepared for the energy I would consume and it took me forever to finish. Someday I may do the 22km again, but I didn't find it nearly as scenic as the 10km. Of course the 10km has a huge hill and it's rather humorous watching some of the people reach their limit on the hill, not realizing just what was involved, but the view at the top, is so totally worth the climb. So again, this year I will hope to sign up for the 10km version of the run. And we'll go out in September, and spend the morning enjoying the mountains, getting in a run, and having the world's greatest cheerleaders at the finish to cheer me on (thanks Jeremy, Sebastian, and Sullivan!!)

Want to learn more? Check out the website by clicking here!! And if you are running it, let me know because hopefully I will see you there!!

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Cindy said...

I would love to run with you but I am scared to death of a 10km run!