Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dayhome difficulties and random thoughts...

So, Sebastian is going to a new dayhome now. His old dayhome moved away and now he is trying to adjust to the new one. It's not going super great so far, but some days are better than others. This morning I had breakfast with him, talked about what he'd do there, while he insisted he was not going there. Eventually he gets his shoes on, walks out to the car, does fine. Walks up to the house, but as soon as the door opens, he has tears streaming down his face. It really makes me feel like I'm this terrible parent for leaving him there. He's always fine when we pick him up, but boy oh boy, dropping him off is just heart breaking. But, it took him about 8 months to feel comfortable at the first place, so really, it will take a bit to adjust here too!!

On a happier note, I've been listening to my U2 list on my ipod. I love U2. It's funny though, because I find that I seldom choose to listen to them, despite them being one of my favourite bands. So, it's been such a treat hearing all these different songs "With Or Without You", "Bad", "Beautiful Day", "Staring At The Sun", and all kinds of others. I love it!! I can hardly wait to get back in my car and listen to more!!

My decluttering is going well. Yesterday, I managed to get about 3 bags of trash/recycling out of our office. We bought a mac two years ago and we have never moved the PC off the desk. Seriously, we don't use it. So finally yesterday, the PC went away. And now the desk looks great. The hardest thing though, is trying to pare down books. I love books and never want to get rid of any, but managed to find a bunch that I really might never read again. For me, that's huge!!

Oh well, that's all. The mole didn't end. I have to watch again next week. Grrrrrr... Well, at least fall tv isn't too far away. I haven't been watching much, but am looking forward to a the return of a couple shows!!

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