Friday, August 8, 2008

Pirates and Rats...

By now, you have probably figured out that I have a love for Disney. My brother would probably say that I am obsessed, but I am nowhere near like I used to be. However, on our last trip to Disney (in January), we bought a couple of costumes. One for me, and one for Sebastian. This year, will be his third Halloween. So far he's been a cow, and a skunk (which he absolutely hated). So, I figured, since he was going to be a rat this year, from Disney's Ratatouille no less, that I should try and introduce him to the costume slowly, so that he'd be excited about it. So, the other day, I pulled it out of the closet and showed it to him. He was immediately excited and wanted to put it on. He loved it!! He's worn it a few times since then, and just loves it. When he first goes to put it on, he says "hi Ratatouille" and gives the costume a big hug. I think he thinks that it really is a character. It's so cute!! 

Needless to say, if Sebastian was dressing up, I figured I better dress up too. I went into my closet and pulled out my Jack Sparrow pirate costume. Sebastian was so excited that we dressed up together in costumes. So, I have high hopes for this year on Halloween. I think he'll have fun in his costume. And, of course, I'm thrilled because FINALLY, he is wearing a Disney costume. Yippee!!

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