Thursday, August 14, 2008

The very cool husband...

So, two really good things happened today. The first was that my very cool husband took my vision and turned it into a reality. I was thinking that I no longer want to store cleaning products under our sink, so that I don't have to worry about my son getting himself into trouble, and thought we could build a shelf on the landing of the stairs. Well, he took my idea and ran with it. And built a set of 3 shelves. It's amazing!! And it's out of the way so nobody will bang their head, and high enough up that Sebastian won't be able to reach it until he's about 10 or so. And it looks so good!! I was very impressed!! He's a genius really.

The other thing that happened was I read about "unwaiting". Now I mentioned before that my pregnancy is having a bit of a tough time. Unfortunately it is something completely out of my control and that I can't do anything to fix. All I can do is wait, and hope that everything resolves itself. This, of course, is easier said than done. Well, I was reading about people who adopt and how they get through the waiting periods, and one family worked very hard to control their impatience and frustration. Rather than concentrate on the negatives, they did their best to simply enjoy what time they had before their life changed forever. I think that is a great attitude.I know I have know control over what's going on with my pregnancy, so rather than dwell on what could happen, I should just enjoy the time I have with Sebastian and Jeremy before the newest member of our family decides to join us. I can't make time go by any faster and I can't change what's happening, so really, I will just enjoy what I have and try my best to not dwell on the scary side of things. It might be easier said than done, but it's certainly worth the effort to try!!

And here's what happened at dinner last night (I posted on the family blog too, but it was just too cute not to pass on).

Mom: Sebastian, how old are you?
Sebastian: Two.
Mom: How old is dad?
Sebastian: Too old.
Mom: No, he's thirty-one.
Dad: How old is mom?
Sebastian: Too old.

What a funny guy he is!!

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